Il Melograno S.r.l. is an international leading producer and supplier of integrated and organic products. The company was founded in 1987, it started supplying fresh cut products (packed salads) to COOP Romagna Marche, and after two years it became a national COOP Italia supplier. Over the years the company expanded, and started furnishing the largest supermarket chains in Italy such as COOP, CONAD, SELEX, AUCHAN, CARREFOUR, and ESSELUNGA.

Il Melograno’s sales network goes beyond Italy: its products can be found in CARREFOUR and AUCHAN France, and in the United States.

Il Melograno International is a division of Il Melograno S.r.l. with its headquarters in Santarcangelo di Romagna. It works as an international food supplier specialised in food services on a large scale, from humanitarian aid to high-tech food production.

Through a full coordination with experienced logistics partners, Il Melograno International is able to deliver food to the most difficult locations, thus facing unstable social and political situations, geographical obstacles and climate challenges.
Il Melograno International set its purpose in the use of cutting edge technology to produce high-quality products, and in the deployment of foodstuff to customers in unfavourable areas with the support of a solid network of partners.


Defense Logistics Agency manages the global supply chain – from raw materials to end user to disposition – for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, 10 combatant commands, other federal agencies, and partner and allied nations.

NATO Support and Procurement Organisation provides acquisition: armaments procurement, logistics, operational and systems support and services to the Allies, NATO Military Authorities and partner nations.

Food Supplies

Thanks to several quality partners and suppliers, Il Melograno is able to offer a wide range of food supplies to international organisations and operational bases outside of Italy and Europe:

  • Fresh food (fruit, vegetables, dairy products)
  • Dry and canned food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit)
  • Frozen food (meat, fish)
  • Powders and spices
  • Bottled water and beverages
  • Wine and spirits
  • Meals ready to eat (MRE)
  • High technology

Our service is distinguished by few fundamental principles:

Quality standards: our company and our partners operate following internationally recognised quality standards concerning hazard management, quality management, products traceability, environmental management, and occupational health and safety assessment.

Fast and precise delivery: thanks to its 30+ years of experience in the delivery of fresh cut products across Italy, Il Melograno owns the equipment and a prepared staff able to take in commissions promptly, follow them through, and grant a precise and quick delivery to seaway and airway means of transport.

Best price evaluation: the accurate costs comparison between our suppliers allows for competitive prices while maintaining a high level of service.

Catering Service

Il Melograno offers on-site services especially on demand, and it takes care of monitoring all of the activities: from staff recruitment to sanitary standards, facilities preparation and maintenance.

We can offer skilled and qualified personnel in order to meet different culinary practices and diets, and we monitor the supply chain and quality management system very carefully. This means implementing food quality standards to ensure full food safety, and studying balanced and tailored menus able to fit various tastes.

Humanitarian AID

Il Melograno is committed to the delivery of nutritious food to countries affected by famine crisis.

In this regard, our high-technology meals and snacks are able to endure shocks, pressure and extreme temperatures, and they are therefore suitable for overseas deliveries, airdrops, storage and consumption in different climate zones.

The production chain undergoes severe quality controls, and the ingredients are well-balanced so as to offer healthy products fitting the dietary needs of people of different ages and from various cultures.

Overall, the special recipe combines the attention to food security with a long shelf life, in order to have the right mixture of protein, vitamins and other nutritious ingredients in pocket-sized, healthy food.

Il Melograno’s emergency food:


Land transport

Il Melograno has been collaborating with inland logistics operators since it was first established more than 30 years ago. Therefore, the administrative personnel is competent and well-trained to face any urgent situation that might arise and deliver the foodstuff to seaway or air transport.

The refrigerated containers are equipped with Carrier or Thermo King refrigeration units and ATP certification, capable of transporting more goods at different temperatures. Additionally, each vehicle has a satellite detection and alarm system connected 24 hours a day with primary operating centres.

The headquarters of Il Melograno enjoy a proximity with the main highway, and therefore a fast delivery to the several harbours and airports nearby.

Sea and air transport

For overseas supplies, Il Melograno relies on carefully selected logistics partners.

They are characterised by previous experience in international supplies delivery, and extensive knowledge of cargo ships routes and custom clearances for big quantities of food. They can thus provide their expertise even in situation of custom inaction or impediments, a crucial ability when carrying perishable goods.


In order to best integrate its food supply services, Il Melograno relies upon experienced partners able to coordinate warehousing performance, and therefore take care of the final part or the project in direct contact with the customer.

These tasks include:

  • building a strong and efficient warehouse network (health standards, water availability, electricity supplies, alarm systems);
  • recruiting qualified staff (both local and international);
  • implementing the quality management system;
  • storage management (entrance control, stock levels updates on the software, compliance with storage temperatures and humidity);
  • accounting and administrative operations.

Operational Planning and Support

Support to operations and NATO exercises in multiples areas:

  • Real life support: catering, laundry, vehicle rental, etc
  • Airfield services: air traffic management, firefighting, etc
  • Engineering services: power generation, waste treatment, etc
  • Fuel services: bulk fuel delivery, storage and retail distribution, etc.
  • Infrastructure: construction of roads, camps, bridges, etc. Currently important effort in the Baltic republics in support of NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic Republics.

Long-standing presence in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as current support in other locations (Africa, Middle East, etc) as required.

SOC. Southern Operational Centre

Acquisition of deployable camp assets:

  1. Tented and containerized facilities, medical treatment, utilities, vehicles, MHEs, etc
  2. Office and accommodation buildings
  3. Electrical Power production and distribution
  4. AWTS (Ablution and Water treatment System), Laundry, etc
  5. Facilities for missions up to 2 years with 20 year life span

In service Support (ISS) – Follow on Support of NATO assets:

  1. Maintenance and repair
  2. Training
  3. Supply
  4. Technical assistance

Support to Exercises

  1. Transportation and deployment
  2. Operation and maintenance
  3. Re-deployment, repair and condition, storage.

Aviation Support

Aviation logistics support tasks for both fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, namely:

  • Heavy Maintenance (DLM) & Mods. Overhauls and upgrades.
  • Supply Support
  • Training (Air & Ground)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure


The world needs a diet change to save our planet from consequences such as global heating, use of fossil fuel, malnutrition, and lack of water. The international scientific community agrees that – comparing to vegetal products – meat production has a much greater impact on the environment for both global heating and water shortage issues. Moreover, it is one of the main causes for deforestation, soil erosion, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and diseases diffusion.

The following data compare the environmental impact of meat production (CO2 emission and water used):

1 kg of chicken meat = 3.2 kg of CO2 / 4,300 litres of water ca.

1 kg of pork meat = 4.6 kg of CO2 / 6,000 litres ca.

1 kg of beef meat = 60 kg of CO2 / 15,500 litres ca.

Starting from these facts, one should also consider which meat contains the most of nutrients for human sustenance.

Data below show protein values per 100 gr of meat, the uptake percentages for the human body, and the subsequent total protein uptake:

Chicken: 23.6 gr –> 80% uptake = 18.88 gr

Pork: 19,7 gr –> 80% uptake = 15.76 gr

Beef: 21,4 gr –> 65% uptake = 13.84 gr

Considering that chicken meat has the least impact on the environment and it is also the richest source of dietary protein, it is clear that chicken-based products could represent the next food innovation in the perspective of a growth in population and an increasing need for food, without further affecting the ecosystem.

Our chicken meat line is suitable not only for normal consumers following a protein-balanced diet, but also – and especially – for special dietary requirements. This is the case of people involved in heavy daily exercise (military troops on mission, professional athletes) and people facing food emergencies (humanitarian aid and charity missions).

Il Melograno chicken products includes:

Il Melograno Chicken Bars have no similar comparison in the global market.

Thanks to new technologies our laboratories developed a healthy recipe suitable for different dietary needs of people in different areas of the world. With less salt and more vegetal protein (respectively 0,7 gr and 10 gr content in a 35 gr bar), the Chicken Bars are available in three different flavours (classic, spicy, sage and rosemary) and various sizes, and have organic, halal and kosher variations.

Il Melograno has an eye for the quality of ingredients: the breast chicken used in the Chicken Bars has no antibiotics, no preservatives and no colourings; the organic chicken comes from free poultry livestock; and the proteins are directly derived from lupin beans.

The tests performed on the product proved that Il Melograno Chicken Bars can resist temperatures from -20°C to 125°C, and that they have a shock and pressure resistance coefficient of 1.5 bar. Furthermore, the barrier packaging helps to control the moisture content and to preserve food at its best. This allows for longer stock lives, and subsequently for the use as emergency food and as part of military rations, with the possibility to modify recipe and size according to the needs.

Il Melograno Chicken Fillets are handy, ready-to-eat meat rolls preserved in oil.

The recipe of the Chicken Fillets, as for the Chicken Bars, includes quality ingredients, vegetal protein, and has low salt content. The two different flavours (classic and spicy) both have organic, halal and kosher variations.

The breast chicken used has no antibiotics, no preservatives and no colourings; the organic chicken comes from free poultry livestock; and the proteins are directly derived from lupin beans.

The small dimensions and the light, handy packaging are especially designed to allow stocking for long periods of time, transport of several portions for long distances with no unnecessary weight, and eating with no need for additional utensils (no cooking or warming up needed).

Il Melograno Chicken Nuggets are ready-to-eat meals to be consumed after cooking.

The Nuggets come in four different flavours: Curry Chicken, Barbecue Chicken, Tex Mex Chicken, and Chicken with Peppers.

Each of these flavours have organic, halal and kosher variants.



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